Friday, January 1, 2016

Hola, 2016!

Sooo… it’s the time of the year again, 1st January 2016 is finally here.
Sebenarnya gue nggak berniat menulis special new year post tahun ini. Simply because I don’t really know what to write. But then again, since 2008—the year I started blogging, I never missed a new year post. I think it’s somewhat already become a tradition for me, so yeah, I might as well write something too this year.

Tahun ini bisa dibilang adalah salah satu tahun terberat dalam 25 tahun hidup gue. Of course, my worst year was the year when my parents got a divorce, but it’s all in the past now. And I survived.
And then came 2015, tahun dimana gue menginjak usia 25 tahun dan tahun yang awalnya gue kira akan menjadi tahun yang sangat baik. Well, I couldn’t be more wrong… 2015 is an insanely harsh year; it’s the year where I fight a lot with my dad, it’s the year where I’m unable to land successfully on any job interview, it’s the year where I got lost contact with my mom once again, it’s the year when my laptop got broken and I lost all my important files for eternity, it’s the year I grew apart to one of my—supposedly—best friend, and it’s the year of a quarter life crisis where I experienced my very first (and I hope the last) extreme panic attack.
I know, it’s an unimaginably BAD year.
But you know what? Today I finally can say the same thing I always say every time I face a bad time: it’s all in the past now and I survived. Even better, I grow up.
From now on I really don’t want to think about the past, or about people who took me for granted, or about my dreams that haven’t come true yet. It’s a new year, it’s the perfect time to start over everything.
Restart button, pushed.
And my resolution for 2016? To live. Tahun ini nggak ada rencana, apalagi wish list yang sampai berlembar-lembar lengkap dengan checkbox yang rasanya ingin cepat-cepat dicentang satu demi satu tapi ujung-ujungnya cuma jadi sekedar wacana. Instead… I just want to live comfortably, I just want to keep fighting for the best things that I deserve, and I just want to be able to let go the things that didn’t meant for me. And that’s it.
Also, I don’t mean to jinx anything but I feel—and slightly hoping that this year is gonna be a good one. At least better than the previous year. Then again, maybe it’s just a matter of preference, seburuk-buruknya kejadian yang menimpa kita sebenarnya kalau kita cukup bisa melihat semua hal dengan fair, selalu ada sisi buruk dan baik dalam segalanya. Hanya saja, kita, as a mere human being, terkadang lupa soal sisi buruk dan baik itu.
So I guess, we better just brace ourselves towards everything that might happen this year—good or bad, sesuai perkiraan atau diluar perkiraan. Let’s try for the best and hope for the best. We’re gonna come a long way and we're going to be fine, we will survive life.

Then… see you in the other side of the tunnel and cheers for 2016! 

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