Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Reading Challenge

Been a while since the last time I'm chit-chatting about something here, huh? Maybe around two weeks since the last time or so.
But today I suddenly want to blog about books and reading and books and reading. Just because lately I've been so obsessed with taking care of my Goodreads account—mostly since I joined the famous Emma Watson's feminist book club, Our Shared Shelf. I just can't get my hand off of the Goodreads mobile app.

This is definitely not a paid post by Goodreads, this is all me and how I feel that Goodreads is a genuinely good social media, if not one of the best I've been using for so many years.

One of my favorite feature from Goodreads is the 'Reading Challenge'. It's basically a tracker for your reading progress. How it works is pretty simple, in the beginning of the year Goodreads gonna offer if you willing to joined a pledge about how many books you want to finish before the year end... and that's it. After that, every book changed from your 'currently reading' to 'read' list will be count along as a progress.

For this year, although I'm a little bit embarrassed, I only pledge 15 books to read throughout 2016.

And hey, look at that, it's only January and I already fell behind schedule. Seriously, Ulfa, try harder.

Well as you can see in my sidebar column, I'm currently re-reading Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries series—for about 116 times. Already on the fifth book now, The Princess in Pink. You know, the one with Mia and friends go to prom.
I'm also currently reading Henry Manampiring's The Alpha Girl's Guide. Manampiring is an up and comer writer in Indonesia right now if you don't know about him yet. And my only reason for buying and reading his book is because I'm curious about how a guy writing a self-help book for a young adult girl, although I'm no longer a young adult anymore. Unless me being a young adult at heart is counted. :p

So I'm thinking to update this Reading Challenge to blog from time to time, maybe along with some book review too. It's sounds like a good idea.

I'll see you on next update then, Loves!

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