Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Marching For March

You see what I did there in the title? Yeah, holy moly it’s March already!!
I’m slowly freaking out here. Is it just me or this year actually flashing by so fast, just like that.

And last month, especially, was crazy fast for me. With only 29 days a month and an insane amount of work I have, sure, February has gone in a blink of an eye.
I have been so caught up in my job that I don’t have time to be active on social media (I miss posting stuff to Instagram!), to take any pictures, to bake a cake, to download new music and new series, let alone to blog. And as a result of working too much, I end up catching a very bad flu and have to take couple days off from work.
But now I’m back, I feel healthy and awesome and pretty much ready to rule the world—my own world, per se.

I do really hope this month will give me a little space to breathe, though. It’s not that my job is demanding that much effort from me. It’s only me, the crazy workaholic-wannabe who sort of pushing myself too much.
But then again, everyone who live up to their career must’ve felt the same way with me, no matter how tired it made us, having too much work is always better than not working. Sooo… I’m not really complaining here, just a reminder for me—and for you too, that it’s okay to slow down once in a while and give us a little break and me time that we deserve.

And I’m (still) really looking forward to writing a decent blog post here. I don’t know… maybe a review or a merely simple Chocolate Cookies recipe will do. Because I’m not kidding, I’m kind of still figuring out how to successfully curating a good blog post in the middle of my working schedule, it’s hard. Anybody who have tips, please, do tell me. So I won’t end up blabbering about an unnecessary update about myself that clearly not even remotely important for anyone else but me.
Then again, we’ll see. And I do really hope you have a blast in this month, March better be another good one for us. Let’s do a virtual fist-bump for that!