Friday, June 17, 2016

Little Happy Habits

Credit: These wonderful bits and bobs below are not mine. It's something I read here and there then jotted down on my journal as a reminder and as an ultimate guide that I practice almost religiously (yet sometimes I did hilariously failed). Although I don't exactly remember where are these tips originally came from, still, I want to share these amazing 25 happy habits that you should too considering do and include in your days!

1. Take pictures of yourself when you're feeling happy, not looking perfect.

2. Do dishes as you dirty them.

3. Keep less stuff. Don't keep anything in your space that isn't purposeful or meaningful.

4. Don't shop as an activity.

5. Learn to cook something you like more than what your favorite restaurants makes.

6. Talk about things that aren't people.

7. Stop judging others, even if you're right about them.

8. Drink enough water.

9. Make time to do the things you loved to do when you were littlewatch Disney movies, coloring, play out in the rain.

10. Let your negative feelings guide you, rather than suppress you.

11. Call your person.

12. Keep flowers on the table and light candles at night.

13. Wake up remembering that every morning is a fresh start.

14. Eat good things for your body.

15. Don't procrastinate.

16. Always put your clothes away.

17. Be nice to everyone, even if they aren't nice to you.

18. Peel your gaze away from the computer screen away every 20 minutes to give your eyes a rest then continue your work.

19. Don't delay answering email and messages.

20. Practice mindfulness with others. When having a conversation, be fully present in what the other person is saying and keep it two-way talk.

21. Take a nap if you can, but keep it under 30 minutes.

22. Give yourself a boost of caffeine once in a while.

23. Remind yourself that your body is not something for you or others to judge.

24. Read one chapter of a book per day, you'll most likely to be finished within a month.

25. Laugh. Laugh a genuine laughter.

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