Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year Obligation Post

I still not quite believe that today we're already hit another January 1st. The new year is here, 2017 is here. And also here I am, feeling obligated to write something to open the yearwith no idea what to write actually.
That's it, 2016 was a year of lacking of ideas for me. It's almost made me sad that somewhat doing something creative became very hard thing to do, while usually I always have one or two things waiting to write. But being myself, of course I refuse to caved... giving up on writing is not something that exist in my dictionary. So for a while, I paused my writing activity, although I do still try to draft something... just because I'm itching to write. Instead, I spend a lot of time relaxing and absorbing new ideas here and there―despite my insane working schedule, of course. I read a lots of great books, I watch many brilliant movies, series, and animes, I listen to countless amazing songs, I even try to connect with people who draw arts and ended up hating myself because OMG I want to be able to draw too, but I can't???

So that's pretty much my 2016 in a nutshell. I go to work 9-5, when I come home I try to do something stimulating for my brain to bait those long lost writing ideas, and by weekends I usually do my chores and/or spending my time with my family and friends and cat. Then without I realize 2017 is suddenly here. I'm actually shook!

Keinginan ambisius gue di tahun baru yang berani gue bicarakan keras-keras disini cuma tiga:
1. I want to be able to write at least two blog posts per month
2. I want to read/watch at least one good stuff per week
3. I want to try to put my life into its right order
Sisanya? Hmm... sisanya adalah keinginan berbentuk doa, yang bisa kejadian atau nggaknya gue tau benar adanya bukan di tangan gue. Semoga tahun 2017 adalah tahun yang sederhana, yang bahagia, dan yang lebih baik dari tahun sebelumnya tentu saja.

And to those who read this post I hope for nothing but the best things to happen to you this upcoming year. I hope your heart will always be happy and content, no less. HAPPY 2017!

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