Tuesday, August 1, 2017

So Little Time, So Much To Do

Wait, before I start... did I ever used the same title as above here yet? Because, well, what's a better excuse of being MIA from my own blog for―wait, I need to count first―one, two... yap, for about six months.
But in my defence though, it's true that I've been busy for a while. In fact the few past months must've been the busiest I've ever been in my lifetime.
Got a serious job, having a couple of serious personal problems. All that left is me to jump into a serious relationship at last. Then I'll be rolling to the perfect adulthood soon. Uhm... hooray?

It's 11:53 as I type this. Seven minutes to midnight, seven minutes before we enter August, seven minutes until twelve days later I'll be twenty-seven.
Do I feel panic yet? Yeah, right. Not just panic, it's actually scared the hell out of me. I literally can feel my anxiety slowly coming back. And as we all know, anxiety attack is baaaad news.
I guess that's the real reason of why I finally made my way back to this blog: to write my anxiety away. So probably I need to say sorry in advance for my unnecessary rambling here to anyone who accidentally stumbled upon this blog and hi, hello, very nice meeting you.

A brief introduction, my name's Ulfa and...

...well that's pretty much it. I am always under construction.

Why under construction though? Because I still have a lot to figure out. I might be old enough already, but I still have a lot to be done with. Life doesn't stop on twenty-seven, or even seventy-two.
And I want to use my anxiety as a writing tool, instead of letting it to constantly creeping me out.
I have a lot to share and I think it's about time for me to live up to my blog description. You know that little thing I said about me and my I-blog-a-lot-about-lifestyle-silly-whatsits-thought-beauty-recipe-random-review-and-anything-in-between mumbo jumbo. :))

So yeah, this blog will be resurrect from the dead. At last.
I'll see you again by the next post, very soon.